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We are more than a poker backing group specialized in Spin&Go, Turbo/Hyper HU or MTT. Based on years of experience we accomplished a mentoring system that is highly effective for our players. We are dedicated to seeking the best possible professionals to help our nearly 200 players to improve at every area.

Our top coaches are ready to get you under their wings. Get to know our high stakes mentors who don’t allow you to leave your path and help you to get better in your game type faster than you think.

We invest into the best coaches, the most innovative tutorials in the market and the best software. We truly believe that giving you consistent coaching, strategy and supporting software is the best on the market. Besides that our mental coaches can help you to have a well-balanced and motivated poker life. We think that personal mentorship and mindset specialists are a must to reach your in-life goals. Our aim is to ensure your most effective learning environment and maximize your potential.

For the balance of this virtual community we are dedicated to make your time here unforgettable, as a result we organize events where we can socialize in person, that is the best part of all. Be one of us and enjoy the benefits of a stable poker and private life.

We know it’s a big change in your life because it’s big for us too. We are always excited about having a new player in the group, just like now in your case. After applying you can get to know our team better. Until then browse our website for more pieces of information about our life.

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