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3 books that changed my view of the world – PPB Mindset Minutes

Home Articles 3 books that changed my view of the world – PPB Mindset Minutes
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If I reflect on the different areas of my life, I see the book that contributed most to my current way of thinking.

I’ll show you which books contributed most to my finances, my spiritual life, and my poker career. Their common quality is that they provide useful insight into other areas as well.

Robert T. Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Interestingly, any booklist I make I usually start with Rich Dad Poor Dad, and this is a book that is among the “books that have led me in the new direction” list.

With Kiyosaki’s classic book, he made a brand name out of it, he shows his readers how rich people think about money. His book is written in a biographic way, where is leads his readers how he got two different type of teaching, one from his “poor father” the other one from his friend’s dad, who at that time started to lay down the foundations of his company. As he recalls his own path,  from time to time he steps out of his story to provide simple explanations of the functioning of money and the way to the true financial independence.

Personally, this book showed me the way to take over not just the management of my finances, but to take responsibility for everything that is happening in my life.

If you only read one book, that is not a novel, this should be it!

Dan Millman: Way of the Peaceful Warrior

First, an adventurous, autobiographical inspirational fantasy. Then it has an interesting teaching about workout, eating and meditation. At the end you ask the question, was he really just imagining? It is a spiritual journey but the ultimate redemption, the perfect conclusion isn’t coming. Finally, you end up relating to your life.

It cannot be really explained what the book is about. It should be read to understand!

Jared Tendler: The Mental Game of Poker

Do not let the title fool you! TMGoP far exceeds its commitments. It promises that it will introduce the tilt different types and provide an instant defense and a long-term solution. In my view, however, the first four chapters are even more valuable, where it explains how to improve your game with the ‘adult learning model’.

The information obtained in the underlying chapters did not only make the mental side of my poker game more stable but changed the way I looked at development. Following the steps, progress was made automatic, which is not the result of random information but is a step-by-step planned path.

I applied the method in other areas of my life as well.

With his own and his clients’ examples, he also introduces various warm-up and drainage routines that we can try out to get to know ourselves and make our lives more efficient. Not just for poker players!

Which books had made the greatest impact on your life?

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