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How NOT to follow your role models – PPB Mindset Minutes

Home Articles How NOT to follow your role models – PPB Mindset Minutes
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It seems like a great idea to plan where we want to go, and then simply copy someone’s strategy who already reached their goals. Many people misunderstand this method and forget that successful systems have not developed overnight. Since our situation and needs are rarely similar to others, most of the time we can’t apply the same strategy as the other.

Let’s see what are the things you should not copy from a successful player.

Do not play on many tables!

Multitabling is not just a decision but a skill that can be developed with practice. If you want to follow a huge amount of grinders right away, you could run into many disappointing mistakes.

Start with a few tables, and focus on the development of your game technique first. If you have to choose between the higher limit or the multiple tables, always strive for the first and learn the skills you needed.

Don’t copy their game technique!

The sexy river check-raise bluff, which looks good on Youtube, but will rarely be a useful weapon. Not to mention that it wouldn’t be suitable against your average opponents.

It is much more convenient to develop the simple boring strategy to a master level when nothing strange happens because you will have the advantage with time.

Do not follow their lifestyle!

There is no good recipe for success. There are those who come sit 16 hours a day before the computer and skip the next day. Others prefer fewer hours, but they play for several days. Some people grumble overnight, others wake up earlier. If you have a family, you have to take other things into account rather than when you live alone.

Choose a system that works best for you, which supports most areas of your life in a balanced way, and then start testing it out at the same time by changing things to a lesser extent. So you can observe what works for you and create your own perfect schedule.

What questions to ask?

Find out what way led to higher stakes. What skills had to be learned? What was the biggest challenge when conquering each limit? What were the biggest mistakes they made during their career?

Then you can see where you are and what could be the next step you can take.

What question would you ask your role model?

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