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bitB Spins – The new joint project of ProPokerBacking and bitB Staking!

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We will help bitB’s expansion with world class players and a wealth of Spin & Go experience!

We have written a lot about the success of our MTT group this year on our website and our social media pages, since we joined forces with bitB our players are having amazing results and the skill level and average stakes played are constantly on the rise.

Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, one of the bitB founders has stated in his blog and several interviews that his long term goal is to make bitB a defining force in every poker format from online tournaments to live cash games.

One of the reasons why the agreement between ProPokerBacking and bitB could come to fruition was because of this goal, the bitB management recognized that ProPokerBacking’s huge experience in the world of Spin & Gos could help them reach the top in this format as well.


It’s important to me to be as successful in the business world as I am at the poker tables. In the last 5 years we saw countless backing groups come and vanish, but ProPokerBacking has been standing strong since the beginning. These are the kind of partners we need if we want to achieve our goal and become leaders in every format.

ProPokerBacking provides everything to Spin & Go players that they need to reach the highest stakes. In addition to the stable financial background, players can participate in private and group coaching sessions several times a week where they can learn from players like Yonggery1.

Yonggery1 has already been a winning regular at the 6-max hyper tables for years when $60 Spin & Gos were introduced and he switched immediately when he saw the massive potential in the format.

Last year he achieved a 5% EV ROI at the $100 limit and nowadays he plays the highest stakes available, he has an impressive ROI of 3% in the $500 and $1,000 games.


In addition to being coached by Yonggery1 and our other accomplished coaches, players can also improve their game with our offline GTO training software and our huge coaching video library.

It is very important to both ProPokerBacking and bitB to not only build a stable, but also a community. The private Discord server, the regular meetups and the professional mental game coach working with the group all help our players to reach their potential and be in a friendly, motivating community with players who share their goals.

Although in the past few years there have been changes that had a negative effect on Spin & Gos (for example rakeback cuts), hard work still gets rewarded in this format, thanks to our EV Deal system.


In this system, players’ profits depend on their Chip EV, not their actual ROI, which reduces variance. This allows player to focus on what’s really important: taking their games to the next level!

Split percentages vary between players, but hard-working players can reach up to 70%. The percentages increase based on volume, achieved EV ROI and limits played, but loyalty to the group is also an important factor.

If you don’t want to miss the chance of being paid based on your skill, not your luck, apply today!

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