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PPB Malta trip report

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Pro Poker Backing players who performed best in our MTT competition won all-inclusive trips to Malta and also played in the €550 buy-in event of the IPC Poker Tour. In this article you can read what our players thought about the competition and about their experiences in Malta!

PPB csapat Máltán

PPB team in Malta


I enjoyed the trip a lot, it was nice to get to know my teammates. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot and also got to spend some time with Luigi and his family, which was nice. From a poker perspective the trip was also great, I learned a lot about live play, I had the chance to play with Philipp Gruissem and almost got ITM. I will definitely return to the island because we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing and the sea was too cold so we couldn’t go swimming either.


First of all, I would like to thank PPB for this amazing prize and want to say how much I liked this team competition! I like these kind of challenges, they give me extra motivation. This trip was a great experience for me and who knows if I would have ever visited Malta without this promotion.

I can absolute recommend it from a touristic point of view, there are plenty of sights to see and things to explore. Meeting my teammates was great too, they’re all great characters who have a lot of experience about life and poker and are fun, ambitious people.

The live tournament, which was also part of the prize didn’t go very well for either of us, but we weren’t too worried about that, we just tried to make the best decisions. I’m not too experienced in live tournaments so this was a great learning experience. The tournament inspired me to travel more often in the future for poker and visit new places instead of just grinding online all the time.

A PBB-sek élőben is megmérettették magukat


First of all, I would like to thank PPB for this trip and would like to talk a little bit about the team competition. Fortunately, the two-week long road to the trip was great too, I was really motivated to do well and there was a lot of excitement during the competition.

Personally I wasn’t really motivated by glory, because on such a small sample variance will play a big role, I won’t be the best player just because I got a lot of points, but the team building effects and the great vibe in the group during the competition is undeniable. The added prizes were really exciting and I’m happy that I managed to be amongst the best performers, which proves that hard work is rewarded. I think creating this promotion was a profitable decision for both the management as well as the players.

The trip itself was fun, I wasn’t very active as a tourist but it was great to spend these five days with very intelligent and pleasant people, I think we made a good team. The time beside poker was mostly spent with sightseeing and going out for drinks in the evening. It’s nice to meet the players behind the nicknames. We got to meet Luigi and his family which was great, they are very kind and have adorable children. I hope we get to play in another team competition as soon as possible where I can perform even better!

Máltai kirándulás


Before I talk about the trip to Malta, I would like to talk about the team competition a little. I felt thatthe competition carried a lot of prestige and tried to approach it in a very professional way. I knew that I would be playing every day for 15 days so I decided to play shorter sessions than I usually would, thismeant 8-9 hour sessions.

I looked at the various poker site schedules and organized my day around a time interval where I couldplay as many small field tournaments as possible, which was optimal for gathering points. Then I structured the rest of my days around this schedule to include sports and relaxation as well.

I think it’s very important to be balanced in situations like this so you can perform at your peak. I think the competition brought the players closer together, we were always rooting for each other andcheered for every point gathered. The trip to Malta was great, it was nice to get to know my teammates better. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very good so we couldn’t check out as many sights as we wanted to.

The poker tournament was fun, although none of us managed to cash. I’m looking forward to the next team competition and will give it my best once again so, I can get experiences like this!


I enjoyed the team competition a lot, I felt that there’s a lot of prestige in capturing the title. I gave it all I had, I played 11 full days and two half-day sessions. This grind was mostly accompanied by music and energy drinks. The fact that everyone was supporting their teammates was great, for me the money on the final tables didn’t matter as much as the points that I could gather for the team.

I think the added prizes were a good idea from the management, everyone was even more motivated to do well. The trip was a lot of fun, we had good discussions about poker as well as life and it was nice to finally meet the people you talk online with every day in person. The tournament didn’t go very well for either of us and the organizing of the tournament also left much to be desired.

Overall the trip was a great experience, I feel like putting in the time and effort in the team competition was worth it!

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