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Hyper Turbo HU sng’s are traditional at ProPokerBacking. This was the first game type we started to do backing with, way before spin&go and now this game is living it’s renessance. The head coach of our HyperHu department is HyperDonk618 who is the member of the 1K$ division. With his help you may get into higher divisions than your own. We have all the tools and educational material to help you reach high limits in this game, but don’t worry if you are less competitive, you can still make decent money on smaller limits as well!


Gergo & Kajti from our HyperHu coaching group

Gergo & Kajti from our HyperHu coaching group

Advantages of playing Hyper Hu tournaments

  • A higher EV roi is accomplishable compared to spins. That’s why you may keep a bigger portion of the profit.
  • We have a huge amount of high quality edacuational materials, created by successful and well known coaches.
  • Low stakes are easily beatable. Realizing outstandig ROI’s won’t be a problem at Pokerstars on $15, even at $30 on smaller sites.
  • Your schedule is flexible because of the short duration of the matches.
  • You can learn from HyperDonk618, he’s 1K cartell member
  • EV deal ( PokerStars)

EV Deal (PokerStars):

We prefer if our players played without the trouble of variance in Spins and HU SNGs, so we gave them a chance to ignore it almost completely. In our group your profit depends on the Chip EV, rather than on the actual ROI so you don’t need to stress about it, so you only have to focus your own play to be as perfect as it can be.

If you are interested in Hyper Hu games, don’t hesitate just fill the apply form. With the help of HyperDonk618 you can reach higher limits than you would imagine.