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When Spin&Go tournaments appeared back in 2014 PPB was the first backing group who switched to the new game. Many of the other stables didn’t even exist at that time. From that till now our players have played over 1million Spin&Go tournaments with great results. Don’t need to say that we have the most experience in theese games on the market and we have the best deals for our players. If you play Spins at PPB you can get EV deal based on your chip EV and don’t have to worry about variance any more. The head of our professional team is yonggery1 who is crushing $500-$1000 games at the moment.

Advantages of playing Spin&Go

  • We give you EV deal, don’t worry about the variance
  • Play it any time, you get action at once
  • Because of the changes the field became weaker
  • You can learn from yonggery1
  • There’s a chance of winning a life changing money with a Jackpot
  • Weekly coachings availible to all of our Spin players
  • Hundreds of recent videos availible on our website

Average earnings at PPB:

  • At $60-$100 stakes the average amount of money to split:  4840 USD
  • At $15-$30$ stakes the average amount of money to split:  1580 USD

Our split percentages vary between players, but you can reach over 70%. Theese are the main factors, you get more % with:

  • The higher the limit you reach
  • The more you play
  • The better your results are
  • The longer you are part of our backing group

EV Deal (PokerStars):

We prefer if our players played without the trouble of variance in Spins and HU SNGs, so we gave them a chance to ignore it almost completely. In our group your profit depends on the Chip EV, rather than on the actual ROI so you don’t need to stress about it, so you only have to focus your own play to be as perfect as it can be.

Joined PPB at the beggining of 2017 and can’t be happier with my decision. So far the experience has been great. Great quality content and personalized 1 on 1 coaching sessions with one of the most respected grinders (hyperdonk). Not to mention the great community and people who are looking to share and help each other.

If you like it and want to play variance free poker at any time of the day, don’t hesitate to fill the apply form! We are 100% sure that you can improve in our group, so you can reach higher limits and higher roi, so you win more than by yourself!