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Turbo Hu is a relative new, but rapidly growing department of PPB. We have more and more players playing theese games with outstanding results. The under 25bb part of the game is the same as Hyper Hu and we have talented coaches for the deeper parts of the game as well. Our players love this game type, because even the regulars have a lot of leaks they can exploit.

Advantages of playing Turbo Hu

  • The field is much weaker compared with hyperHU or Spins, this results lower variance. Your hourly wage will be more stable and predictable
  • The first cartels can be foud on 100$. These cartels are formed by much weaker regs compared with PS cartels. It is much easier to get in and stay in as well
  • We offer better deals compared with Spins.  (60-70% of the profit can be realized.)
  • There is a high volume of rakeback, it products a high and predictable monthly income (50% average).
  • Achievable ROI : 8-10%
  • GTO knowledge does not play a crucial role. You may differ your strategy frequently


  • 12min/match, 3 tables at once = 13-15matches/hour
  • A volume of 1000 matches/month is achievable, it takes aroud 80-90 hours of work.
  • Achievable ROI-s: on 20-30$ is 8-10% = 2-3$/match+0,5-0,7$ rb
  • Calculating with a volume of 1000 matches: $2,5-4K$ is achievable before splittng the money.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to fill the apply form. Our coaches will find the best network and stake for your needs, to maximize your profit!