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birs320 finished WCOOP with an amazing score (interview)

Home News birs320 finished WCOOP with an amazing score (interview)
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We had a nice finish line in the Powerfest. Congratulations to our lead coach, birs320! Making a deal he became 3rd in the $1,050 PartyPoker High Roller event. He won $171,000. Read the following interview in which he talks about his current WCOOP summary. You’ll also learn how he spends his days recently.

How did the WCOOP go?

This tournament took place on the last day of a 3-week-long exhausting tournament series. In those 3 weeks I didn’t have too many successes, however, the last Sunday of the WCOOP is the most important day of the year for a tournament player. So I had looked forward to it very motivated.

How did your day go?

I managed to build nice stacks in several good tourneys. I had a lot of small ITMs. Still, it was uncertain which one of my tourneys was going to save my month. At the end of the day, I was among the top stacks in two very important tournaments. One of them was the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event, and the other was the $1,050 PartyPoker High Roller. At the beginning of the day there was a bigger hand:

The ‘1st-day’ phases had ended about 6 o’clock in the morning, so after a few hours of sleep, we continued to fight both tourneys Monday evening. I had sold a few percentages of the WCOOP Main Event to some of my friends, so they decided to come by for cheering. When they arrived I was already out. Of course, they stayed because of the $1K event, we were down to 30 players by then.

There I had another funny hand, where my opponent found the worst possible combination to bluff-catch with:

How did it develop further?

I did not have any difficulties making it to the final table, still, my stack wasn’t too big. There I managed a double up with AA. All the six players had roughly the same amount of chips, so the possibility of a deal emerged. No agreement was reached. The play continued and when there were only the 3 of us, we decided to split the money ICM wise. The play continued for $7,000. I lost it when I had 44 against AT. Still, it is one of my biggest online scores. I’m happy for it, I have no reason to complain.

How about the future?

The tournament team of PPB is going through a big change. I have to work several hours day by day with this. I hope it will have concrete results. I have a lot to do with our website as well. We are trying to put together a lot of interesting contents, not only for PPB players of course.

Follow birs320’s weekly Twitch stream and ask your personal questions to him every Thursdays five o’clock in the afternoon!

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