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Get to know Diegter, our brand new Twitch streamer (interview)

Home News Get to know Diegter, our brand new Twitch streamer (interview)
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In today’s article we would like to introduce one of our brand new Twitch streamers, Diegter, who is an accomplished regular in the highest stakes of Spin&Go games.

Please, tell us a little bit about your career at PPB so far!

I joined Propokerbacking in September 2016 and started with $7 Heads-Up Hyper games. Even though I had no experience with the hyper format and I didn’t know PT4 before, by May 2017 I was already playing $100 Spin&Go games. The rakeback cuts made my progress harder, but despite that, I can say I have been a $100 Spin regular since August.

From a professional perspective, I feel PPB has given me a lot, the knowledge that Hyperdonk and Naib shared with me gives me the skills to compete at the highest stakes.

On a personal level, I’m thankful to be a part of PPB. I have close relationships with several teammates, who are all devoted to improve as players, which inspires me to push myself harder.

Why did you decide to start streaming?

I feel I have proven myself as a player. In 2017, because of the circumstances, a lot of players moved down in stakes or gave up Spins altogether, while I was doing the opposite and climbing stakes. Of course, you can always improve your game or try to set a new record in terms of profit. These are amongst my goals but I felt that I also have to seek a new challenge.

They say that you should either be the first or the best at something. Although there have been some streamers in Hungary, I think PPB can be the group that really makes a big impact and based on our history we have the potential to keep this up for a long time as well.

This potential convinced me to apply to become one of the first real streamers on the market.

Why should people tune in to your stream and what kind of streams can they expect from you?

I want people who follow me from week to week to learn the fundamentals of Spin&Gos and be able to move up to stakes they would not have been able to without my stream.

I will be playing $100 Spins and contrary to Requiem1989 I will not be focusing on GTO play. Rather than that, I want to teach my viewers a mindset that will help them to become winning players at the $15/$30 Spin limits.

Do you watch any streams and if so, which ones?

For me streams have never been about entertainment, I always wanted to learn something from the pros. Lately, I haven’t been watching any streams, I prefer to watch PPB videos to improve my game.

I used to regularly watch Jason Somerville and also checked out Jamie Staples’ and Doug Polk’s stream once in a while. They are the streamers who really enjoy the game and it’s good to see them having fun playing, I will aim to create a similar atmosphere for my viewers.

Thank you for the interview, good luck at the tables and on Twitch!

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