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Luigi joins bitB Main Stable!

Home News Luigi joins bitB Main Stable!
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One of our leading MTT coaches will now be working closely together with stars like Graftekkel, Apotheosis, €urop€an and elmerixx.

Luigi (PS nick: Luigi da BP) is one of the most accomplished Hungarian tournament players ever, his online and live results both speak for themselves.

Luigi at the WPT in Prague

Luigi at the WPT in Prague

Luigi is one of the head coaches of Pro Poker Backing’s MTT team and his work is a big factor in the steady improvement of our players.

We have talked a lot about our partnership with bitB on this website so you probably know that the players who perform the best in our stable have the opportunity to join the bitB team and learn directly from the current top players in the live and online tournament arenas.

Thanks to Luigi’s hard work and great 2018 results he had the opportunity to join this elite community and he will also transfer his newfound knowledge to our players.

bitB bootcamp (Barcelona)

bitB bootcamp (Barcelona)

Luigi talked about the bitB coaching system and the changes it will bring:

At bitB the application process is mostly focused on an applicant’s personality, attitude, work ethic and potential, not on the current level of skill and results.

I also noticed that they put a huge emphasis on mental game. PPB has improved a lot in this area but at bitB this is one of the most important topics. They don’t just want to create a stable, they want to build a community with happy, motivated and balanced people.

Poker players have a tendency to get hung up on negative thoughts or feel sorry for themselves. Unfortunately, I’m not an exception to say the least. I have improved my mental game a lot and will continue to do so because wasting our energy on negative thoughts is not beneficial in poker or life.

James Whittet (mental coach)

James Whittet (mental coach)

Since I have joined the main stable, I’m trying to keep up with the massive amount of coaching material that I’m getting, I have to manage my time very well to not get overwhelmed.

Recently at PPB we made changes to system of the group coaching sessions which gives me more time to prepare for them. I also give two private coaching sessions every week and stream my tables if I have a few interesting deep runs at the end of my sessions where I share my thought processes and what kind of reads I have on my opponents.

I only recently started streaming but in this short time I already had some nice results, I feel that the audience has a good effect on my game and concentration and the viewers also enjoy it.


Pads gives a presentation

Luigi also attended the bitB bootcamp held in Barcelona at the beginning of March and shared his experiences with us:

I just got back from the bootcamp and it was amazing. Thirty people with completely different backgrounds from all around the world, but all of them were great, very sharp people.

The daily routine usually started with 4-5 hours of “business”, sometimes we had to do a presentation about a certain topic, other times we got coaching from Pads, €urop€an and Elmerixx. James Whittet, the mental coach of bitB had some extremely motivating presentations, I feel like these were the most beneficial for me, I think my mental game is on a much higher level than it was before the bootcamp. The other players in the group are all mentally strong, I didn’t hear a single complaint or bad beat story during the entire bootcamp.



After the coaching was done for the day we had a lot of fun, we went to play paintball, we watched the F-1 test, but mostly we grinded the situational game “Werewolf”. We played 6-7 hours every day with an extended version and I’m completely sure that in the past 6-7 years there was no week where I laughed more than during this one.

In addition to being very smart, the people were also very kind and helpful, I’m sure a lot of them will be in my circle of friends in the future.

I think that joining this group is an exceptional opportunity and I’m sure that anyone who manages to get in will experience great change in both their poker career and private life.”

We would like to congratulate to Luigi for “leveling up” and hope to get more players into the bitB main stable soon!

bitB team

bitB team

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