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New coaches on top and a great start of the Hyper HU

Home News New coaches on top and a great start of the Hyper HU
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This is a great time to introduce the Hyper HU group, which we wanted to present long ago. So here are the group’s new coaches and the achievements they made.

The Hyper HU’s two new coaches: supahotbeats was our highest limit regular at the Spin&Go, furthermore, Kajtipajti was a three-time Supernova Elite, he won his third SNE title on 100$ limit.

The period since April has consistently proved to me that the success of other that you contribute to can really make you feel a lot better than your own success.

– supahotbeats

Basically, this part of PPB has been operating as Spin&Go foundation group in previous years, it was not profit-oriented. Nevertheless, the management decided that it would be worthwhile to deal with Hyper HU, because there are still unused areas. At the top of the group two Spin&Go players came with the highest limits, Kajtipajti and supahotbeats. It was based on their ability to build a group and to train the right players. This job was taken over in April this year, you’ll see the results below.

As you can see in the graphs below, incredible progress was made only in a few months. After the significant ROI, our new coaches proved that the intuitions were right and September in the HU world also produced outstanding results with its 3.8% ROI and double profit.

After long years of hard work, it is a great feeling to teach what you’ve learned. It’s not a cliché to say, that teaching is an uplifting feeling.

– Kajtipajti

A Hyper HU is a game type, which is currently living its renaissance. If somebody wants a stable monthly income than it is their type of game. It is worth to highlight the individual EV divisions, that further reduce the variance of poker compared to other areas. On the margins of all these, we have a well-functioning education system, and a professional community and our great experience in combating the cartel have all helped us to this success, which – we hope – is not over yet.

For further information about the Hyper HU game type click here. If you want to join our team, apply here.

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