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Our player ‘kenyer8’ won this year’s first WCOOP gold medal

Home News Our player ‘kenyer8’ won this year’s first WCOOP gold medal
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The annual season of ‘World Championship of Online Poker’ began early September. Right after the start, one of our MTT regulars ‘kenyer8’ made it into the final of the low buy-in $55 Stud Hi/Lo event. 1040 players entered the tourney so the prize pool was $52.000.

I think about myself as an enthusiastic recreational player in these type of games. I only play these ‘non hold’em’ games when there is a tournament series in progress.

The final table kicked off very early and I managed to keep my 2nd position in the chip count. However, playing it was very frustrating, I got into severeal unlucky spots, that’s why I relapsed around sixth or seventh position. I would have been very disappointed with a seventh or eight place, but luckily I recovered my mental state relatively quickly. I convinced myself that I need this WCOOP title, so I fought myself back to the top.

The period between April and August was a bad run, so winning the title was an extremely uplifting experience. However, running bad trough a few months in the world of MTTs it is not something out of place, moreover…

Kenyer8 won the title without making a deal. He won $9.360.

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