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Pro Poker Backing Spin & Go players have won huge prizes!

Home News Pro Poker Backing Spin & Go players have won huge prizes!
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Hei$enberg01 and recoba5212 win $12,000 Spin & Gos!

On Friday, two of our Pro Poker Backing players hit huge, 240x multipliers at the €50 Spin & Go tables and took down both games.

For a poker player, playing on Fridays is a great opportunity to make money, there are plenty of poker players looking to blow off some steam or play a couple games after hitting the pub.

Recoba5212 played against two unknown Spin & Go players and got to heads-up pretty quickly after one of them busted the poker other. He started with a 10bb vs. 40bb disadvantage but managed to double up with 88 against A7 to bring it back to even and win a flip with 44 against QTs to take the lead.

In the final hand he got the money in preflop with K3 against his opponents K5 and managed to bink a magic three on the turn after a 5-8-3 flop to take it down.

He received €10,000 for the win and the other two players both got €1,000.

Hand of the Week: Ballage87 leosztás
Spin & Go nyerteseink

The other Pro Poker Backing player to hit a big multiplier was Hei$enberg01, he played against a fun poker player and a regular.

The first hand of the Spin & Go game already generated a lot of action. Hei$enberg01 called with J9s in a BvB situation against the regular, then called a continuation bet on the Q-T-4 flop. Both poker players checked after a nine hit the turn. The river was a four (Q-T-4-9-4 board) and his opponent bet 140 into a pot of 186. Hei$enberg01 decided to turn his hand into a bluff and his opponent folded to give our Spin & Go player the chiplead.

Hand of the Week: Ballage87 leosztás elemzés
Spin & Go nyertesünk

The other key hand of the Spin & Go game was also against the regular poker player. Hei$enberg01 limped on the button with K-K and his opponent checked. The flop was Q-7-6 and the opponent check/called a bet. The turn was a nine of diamonds which started a flush draw. Hei$enberg01 bet once again with his Kings and his opponent shoved for 484 chips into a pot of 300. Our Spin & Go player was up against 54o for an openender and held up to take down the pot.

After this he had most of the chips in play and wrapped it up after winning a coinflip (AQ>88). He received €10,000 for his win while both his opponents received €1,000 for hitting the massive multiplier.

Congratulations to both of our Pro Poker Backing players for the fantastic scores!

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