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VIP football tour for the biggest earnings in PPB’s history (video)

Home News VIP football tour for the biggest earnings in PPB’s history (video)
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In today’s article, we want to introduce yonggery1, the player with the most Spin&Go winnings in Propokerbacking’s history. A while back, the accomplished regular reached the $300,000 EV winnings milestone and PPB decided to reward this remarkable feat with an Italian football tour. On October 31st he will visit the famous Stadio Olimpico for an AS Roma – Chelsea battle and on November 1st he will be watching the Napoli – Manchester City match.

How long have you been in PPB and how did the group influence you on a professional and personal level?

I have been a PPB player for roughly 2,5 years, when I joined Spin&Gos were still a new thing. One of the reasons that I became interested in the group was the EV deal. My game has improved a lot, there were lots of leaks in my heads-up game that we fixed and after Akis and Boris, GTO play opened a lot of new doors for my improvement as a player.

What will the next phase of your career be about?

I still see potential in Spins and I think you can still make good money with it. With the EV deal, it’s a very stable format compared to other games.

I have always been interested in tournaments. If I decided to make a switch I would definitely start playing MTTs, but you see a lot of deterrent graphs.

What was the most important thing that allowed you to reach this milestone?

Probably the most important thing is that I hate losing at anything. This mindset has always been present in my poker career as well, I wanted (and still want) to be the best.

What’s your relationship with football? Who do you support, and do you play yourself?

I love watching all kinds of sports. I have been regularly playing since childhood but have never played on a serious level. Nowadays I play 3-4 times a week in small-field local championships.

My favorite team is Bayern Munich, I have been a fan since I was a little kid. I haven’t been to any of their matches so far, but that is going to change, next year I’m definitely going to go to one, hopefully in the Champions League semi-finals.

Thanks for the interview and good luck!

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